The Effect of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on Trade Development of Industry

In recent years, information and communication technology has been introduced as one of the most important economic and industrial development factors in countries and especially high-tech industries. It was highly effective in promoting and growth of industry and for overtaking other competitors in the global business area.

Therefore, according to the importance of information and communication of technology (ICT), in development of industries trade, it is necessary to analyze the role of it in industrial trade relations between Iran and its trading partners based on the level of technology. In order to resolve the imbalance among the selected countries, panel data method is used. The investigated model for this purpose, using panel data for 18 superior trading partners of Iran during 2011-2000 is estimated.

The results of this study indicate a positive and significant impact of ICT on business model of these countries. Also the impact of ICT on high-tech industries business is higher than low-tech industries business and development of information and communication technology compensates the negative effect of geographical distance and increases the volume of trade between countries.