Export nuts and dried fruits

Today, nuts and dried fruits are not only an integral part of Iranian culture, but are also known as a healthy food that contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for humans. According to nutritionists, daily consumption of nuts helps provide the body with the minerals and vitamins it needs, and prevents and cures many diseases. Promoting the consumption of these products as healthy snacks instead of carbohydrate-free carbohydrates is the main strategy of Noyannick Store.

The most common quality required for exporting nuts

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the products that are exported to other countries. In general, their export species should have the following characteristics:

  • Humidity level (maximum moisture level is defined for each product)
  • Suitable size (appropriate size for each type of nuts and dried fruits is defined)
  • Special cut (for different types of dried fruits, a special cut must be observed)
  • Surface and types of preservatives used
  • Quality class

Also, in order to observe the exact health tips in order to receive the necessary standards, be sure to refer to the defined health codes for exported nuts and dried fruits.

Product labeling

The following labels are used in the trade of these products:

  • The name of the product must be stated accurately, and it must also be specified whether the product has been naturally processed and dried, or whether sugar and salt have been added to it.
  • The information about the nuts should include the full specifications (with skin, without skin …).
  • It is common that in addition to product grading, other specifications include the year of harvest and other descriptions on the product packaging.